The idea of chocolate is not new

It has been around for thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, the rich people would buy chocolate to reward their servants for a long service and to celebrate special events.

In the Victorian era, it was widely used as a symbol of wealth and status and it was considered a luxury by many people. At that time, there were no laws against eating chocolate as long as it was not harmful to health or animals.

The first patent for making chocolate in Europe was granted in 1837 by an American named William C. Chase who had invented a process for manufacturing cocoa butter from cocoa beans which could be used in various products like soap or candles. He also patented his process for making chocolate from cacao beans which he called “chocolate liquor”. The product became

The world of chocolate is very vast and most people have their own favorite chocolate. It is a great way to introduce the subject in a pleasant way.

A nice way to introduce a topic is to have a chocolate bar or some other sweet treats at hand. The idea is that it helps the reader get into the topic and understand it better.